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This year, Malta Festival is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Since the first festival in 1991, Poznań has witnessed several thousand events attended by several million people. To celebrate this special anniversary, we are creating a virtual festival archive supported by CYRYL, the Local Digital Repository of Poznań. If you have any multimedia material related to the festival, please share it with us. We want to tell the story of Malta with you.

If you remember any of the street shows, the queues for free admission passes or the concerts on the lakeshore; if you took part in one of the opening parades or the first silent disco in the Old Market Square, please share your memories. Supported by the CYRYL portal, we are creating a virtual festival archive. The multimedia library will contain fragments of shows, reviews, recorded meetings, reminiscences, films, news mentions and audio materials, as well as a special section dedicated to materials supplied by our audience, who has documented the festival for many years.

Please send your audio/video files and photographs to archiwum@malta-festival.pl. In the email, please include your consent to use the material. All published material will be signed with its owner’s surname. Files may be submitted until 8 June 2020.

The website will be launched during the anniversary edition of Malta Festival, between 19 and 28 June 2020. The website will be developed in cooperation with the Local Digital Repository of Poznań.