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Malta Festival Poznań stands for 10 days and 300 events in almost 50 locations. Every year, the festival draws approximately 85 000 people as its audience, as well as 700 artists and culture animators from all over the world. The year 2020 will be special in its history - it will mark its 30th edition. We invite you to join us between 19 and 28 June to Poznań to celebrate Malta Festival’s birthday!  

For 30 years Matla has been a celebration combining the mutual dynamics of city and art, year after year featuring the work of world-renowned artists and initiating unique artistic projects. Its program has always comprised of theatre and dance performances, open-air concerts, exhibitions in abandoned buildings, workshops, happenings on city streets, meetings at the festival club, film screenings, silent discos, as well as inspiring activities for children and adults. Malta Festival Poznań was the only festival in Poland and one of 12 in Europe to receive the EFFE 2015-2016 award for events setting festival trends.

The most prominent European artists and trend-setters for new theatrical languages have been present at Malta since the beginning. The jubilee edition will feature those who have become especially important for Malta and have always been warmly received by the Poznań audience.

We want Malta’s 30th to be a pretext for celebration for us all! Together with the artists and the inhabitants of Poznań we shall prepare a special birthday surprise party, the location and the details of which shall remain a secret right up to the end. A great spectacle is in the works!

The premiere concert of “Projekt Krynicki” created by three renowned and celebrated composers – Paweł Szymański, Paweł Mykietyn and Alek Nowak, will be a special musical event of the festival. Upon Malta’s special request each of them will prepare music to a different poem by Ryszard Krynicki – an artist associated with Poznań and one of the most important figures in Polish contemporary poetry. As “the most musical of theatre festivals”, apart from a contemporary music concert, Malta will also feature a cycle of open concerts and silent discos on Liberty Square, as well as an open-air concert-finale. It will not only be a concert ending this year’s edition of the festival, but also a gala concluding its 30th anniversary.

Melting pot, urbanity, combination of strands and forms, cooperation with locals, city as a subject of art, multidisciplinarity – these are the values constantly present at Malta and comprising its philosophy, which are most apparent in the program of Malta.Generator. It is the social and artistic section of the festival, which centres around Liberty Square, although its activity generates all over Poznań. For the 8th time the city-centre will change into a “temporary open-air culture centre”, which will host many festival events. It is the location of morning warm-ups, spontaneous meetings of Poznanians, conversations of the public with invited guests, creative and inventive energy at the workshops, and at night – a club zone with concerts and an open-air theatre stage. Malta Generator is a friendly space for festival guests and all city-dwellers regardless of their age or social status, inclusive for people with disabilities and foreigners who don’t speak Polish.

Dance is an important element of performative arts at Malta. For many years Art Station Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk, i.e. Stary Browar Nowy Taniec at Malta, has been one of the most elaborate partner programs of the festival. The curator, Joanna Leśnierowska, collaborates with the most celebrated Polish dancers, important figures from Europe and from around the world. She also makes space for young artists, to give them an opportunity to create their premiere performances at a large international festival.

Come to Poznań for the 30th edition of Malta festival, which will take place from 19 to 28 June 2020. The whole program will be announced in May at press conferences, before that selected program info will be published on www.malta-festival.pl/en. If you have any questions - get in touch!